Monday, July 13, 2009

them faces

im hoping to see improvement with my stuff each time i post.
..still gotta work on coloring/line quality/likeness/everythingelse. :p

Friday, July 10, 2009


...caricature of me by Jun Yu (he didnt get to finish coloring it :( )...

.. Nooree's revenge for this (hAHAHA thanks for the fly-eyes)...

..and one of the caricatures that i liked at the end of my second shift... the couple had this really cute younger sister who liked my caricature of her and made me feel alot better after making a bunch of crap-tastic drawings that day. :)

i'm finding that live caricaturing is really something else... theres time pressure, the worry of having the drawings look like the sitters, figuring out how to use the freaking color sticks (ahhhhhh hate them), hoping for a good reaction from the customer, then (my favorite) there's being conscious of having all these people watch you as you work. AGH.

but its fun. the people you meet, the stuff you get to draw. 
and, working next to FUNNEL CAKES. ahhhh never had one before i started working, and i shame myself for not knowing its existence.